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Flora’s Mission

May 11, 2006

A raugh Idea of Final Project

Flora's mission


April 25, 2006

It was a rush term…

Professional Study and Research project…


Issues and DAP

I was worried…

I was thinking of giving up

I was strugling


I was really involed…

Now they are there, waiting for verdict…

I looked outside the window


Tulip is here

Spring is here…





From DAP Group First Meeting


My Room After Printing Issues Booklet….

Colour4u.net now launched after testing, still need more informatio to added in ,but looks Ok now:)
 Here is one email from a tester:

2006年4月12日 18:03:10
| | |
Dong (Tony) Han

I write this letter to give some comments on the webpage designed by you.

Since i am far more  from professional in this field so some of the comments must be naive.

First of all, i think the main page is neat and pure. I enjoy the colors which make sort of contrast and the pictures which seem delicate.

Secondly,i am moved by your consistency of hard work on the details. As i know you, you always show great concern and dedicate much energy on details so that you can make difference.

But, unfortunately, i didn't manage to enter some links of your webpage due to technological reasons. It is really frustrating, maybe you can improve it by offering some online software downloads.

anyway, very happy to see your progress. hope to see more good works made by you.

Best regards

Bo (Eric) He

The problem he talks in his email has nothing to do with software. It is because we were having ASP test without noticing the testers so he had those difficulties with viewing some of the pages.

We later put a notice on the blog and also sent email to all testers.

Anyway ,thank you very much, everyone (who may even not see this blog), you have been really helpful!

We have problems withall dynamic pages that they can not be valedated by W3C. Jaco is working on it. Eventhought this doesn't influnce most of our users we still in tend to make it as accesible as posible!

 We now got our first contribution from Sandra Balk, a colourblind girl, Lubna's friend.

She wrote an article about her life with colourblindness which is lively and lovely. I would like put this as the first 'hignlight' in the site. 

Thank you, Lubna!!! You have been really helpful to the site!

 Thank you for those who give comments to the site. The HTML test is finished now.

Jaco and me are now doing ASP testing ,so there might be mistakes on the site.

I've done most of the pages for Color4u.net apart from dynamic parts:article&gallery.

You are very welcome to leave your comments here!!!


Since Flash is not suitble to do this test ,I had to find another way.Then it came Javascript.
A small gallery JS can do a BIG job, sometimes.

Wanna try?

Colourblind Test Page

Since most of the pages haven been done, I met my client today to have a usability test. The aim of this test was to find out how the navigation system works and is there any confusing colours used in the site.

The test lasted about 10 minutes. I just give the first page of the site and sat behind him watching. During the test ,he did not meet any point that stopped him exploring. In the page of article, he had a little bit confussion because the ASP part has not been done. But ,without explaination ,he understood it in about half a minute. I am thinking of giving another usability test to more people later on when the ASP parts is done.

It was satisfying that my client was happy with site so far. And he also gave some advices to me . I will improve the site tomorrow.

My client and me

Flash vs W3C

April 6, 2006

I was planning doing colour blind test in flash game. But since all my pages done so far can pass W3C standard , if i put a flash game in the site ,how will it be like? No more W3C?

No idea…Any help?